AKC Soft services can be broadly classified into five major areas namely.

Software Development
AKC Soft have experience with all of the leading software technologies to build n-tier web applications for technology-based business management. Working with a precise, solution-based software application development process.

Web Solution
AKC Soft have the experience and our Web Design Experts design a website that fits your needs and your Budget.
A customized professional website with the excellent web designing, development and maintenance services developed at AKC Soft would make your web site to stand apart from the crowd.

ERP Solution
AKC Soft provide total ERP solutions and consultancy to the customer under one single roof, a one-stop enterprise shop. In the entire process, particular attention is paid to the audit role, which determines ERP feasibility to adapt business dynamics, cost Factors and compliance test.

Computer Consultancy
AKC Soft provide comprehensive support in terms of software upgrades, rectification of errors and software distribution control, for software products developed by us and also for other products used by clients.